Before and After


FullSizeRender Kathy B. Before

IMG_0390 Kathy B. Now

I was nervous, but I couldn’t have enjoyed it more, starting with day one.

“Having been a runner for years, I scoffed at my gym rat friends and figured I could just keep eating whatever I wanted while running 35+ miles a week. It caught up to me eventually, and I finally decided to leave my comfort zone and sign up for boot camp.

I was so nervous, but I couldn’t have enjoyed it more, starting with day one. I love to challenge myself every day, and I’ve been learning and doing things I never thought I could. Boxing, kicking, lifting, lunging…I never expected to be able to do these things, let alone LOVE them! I’ve also been doing things under Bobby’s direction that I could never make myself do on my own…and that’s a good thing!

Keeping my motivation high is easy: not only am I having fun and making friends, the numbers are showing a big difference. In the first session I lost 2″ on my waist, 2″ on my hips, 2″ on my chest, and over 2% body fat. Seeing the continual progress is a big part of what has me out of bed at 4:30 every day. I love starting every day with boot camp, and am excited every day to see what Bobby has in store!”

-Katie F.

I have never enjoyed working out so much in my life.

“I had wanted to work out and get back to my ‘pre-baby’ body for a long time. The problem was motivation (and getting myself off the couch). I always had the plan, but never followed through with it. I always came up with the perfect excuse to tell myself. But on day one of boot camp, I emliminated excuses. I no longer allowed them to be an option – and the results have been totally worth it!

I have never enjoyed working out so much in my life. Yes, waking up at 4:30 in the morning is somewhat of a drag, but once that initial move is made, there is no turning back. Going to boot camp has quickly become on of my favorite times of the day! And I often catch myself pushing my body when I think I can’t do any more; before, I would have quit. But Bobby once told me, ‘Quitting hurts a lot more than just pushing your body through to the end.’ I have learned to believe that in these last 4 weeks. It is amazing what you can accomplish, given the effort!

The people are fun to be with, and encouragement is given at every corner. I was scared at first because I didn’t know anyone, but I quickly made friends. I encourage everyone to give Bobby’s Xtreme Boot Camp a try. It has changed my life, and I know it can change yours too!”

-Kalyn S.

Get fit, and have fun with a great trainer and Terrific Group!


“I joined Bobby’s Boot Camp in December. After being in the Air Force many moons ago, I had a preconceived idea of what boot camp was all about. Now, don’t get me wrong, you get quite the workout, but it is not the boot camp that I had not-so-fond memories about!

Bobby is the best personal trainer that you could ever have. He is always professional,
encouraging, caring, and accomodating when you struggle with an exercise. I am 57 years old and can not always successfully do the planned exercises….so we come up with something else that I can do!

Part of our exercise regimen is boxing and kickboxing….and I love it! I have my own boxing gloves now, and my own bag to kick at home. I have gone from barely being able to kick the bag once without losing my balance to being able to successfully kick it multiple times in succession.

This my eighth week and I have yet to miss a day. My arms and inner thighs don’t jiggle near as much! (I know, TMI!!) Come join us, get fit, and have fun with a great trainer and good group of people!”

-Brenda T.

I enjoy every single class, and every single workout.

“Exercise has long been a part of my daily routine, but I had come to a point where doing the same old exercises I had been doing for some time was no longer yielding the results I desired. That was when I came across Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp.

I admit I was intimidated at first, especially with the idea of trying boxing for the first time. But, I can honestly say that I enjoy every single class, and every single workout. I enjoy challenging myself, and the feeling of accomplishment after pushing myself further than I thought I could go. Bobby has a huge part to play in that. He knows just how to motivate each individual and help them reach their true fitness potential, no matter what level they are at.

I love that every day is different, with new challanges. There is also a wonderful sense of camaraderie between the men and women, and with Bobby himself. It is really such a great feeling to look forward to exercising every day rather than dreading it. This is all what keeps me coming back session after session.”

-Lynn C.

Everyone is warm and welcoming, and we like to push each other to keep going.

“I love Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp! Boot Camp is a way for me to unwind from a crazy schedule, and put some time and energy into myself! Bobby makes Boot Camp fun, and it’s an amazing workout!! I burn more calories in 60 minutes with Bobby than I ever have with any other routine.

This is a great group of people, who have a lot of fun together. Everyone is warm and welcoming, and we like to push each other to keep going. I have always been interested in trying to understand the techniques and footwork, but you don’t have to – this workout is all-inclusive! You can go at your own pace; you do not have to be at an advanced level, but if you are this workout is for you too! You will not be disappointed, and prepare for some laughs too!”

-Jamie G.


There’s never any judgment, just encouragement.

“As someone relatively new to exercise, the phrase ‘Boot Camp’ initially terrified me. I envisioned a trainer standing over me and barking out orders, telling me to do things that I wasn’t physically capable of doing, and making me feel even less coordinated than I already felt on my own. But after attending a few of Bobby’s classes, I was hooked! Not only is Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp not scary, it’s actually a lot of fun!

For me, it’s awesome to be able to work out in a supportive environment, where both the instructor and the other people in class with me are cheering me on. There’s never any judgment, just encouragement. And it’s nice to be able to participate in a group, but still be able to work at my own level.

But the best part is seeing the physical results and knowing now that I can do things that I never thought I could! Who knew I could run without dying, or actually hold a side plank for a full minute?!? (Of course, Bobby would tell you that he knew all along.) Thanks, Bobby!”

-Heather B.

For the first time in my life, I actually ENJOY working out!

“Boot Camp is my favorite part of the day. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true, because for the first time in my life, I actually ENJOY working out! It’s so great to be able to burn some serious calories, while having fun with all my friends.


I leave every day with a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment. Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp has been an excellent environment for me to push myself more physically, without feeling any pressure or judgment.

Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp is for all fitness levels so anyone can be challenged. And the people in Boot Camp create a supportive and encouraging environment. Plus, Bobby is the best trainer I’ve ever interacted with! He knows how to make the workouts interesting and challenging. His energy and passion for helping people reach their full potential motivates you to try your hardest. I’m in the best shape of my life and I can say for certain that I owe much of that to Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp.”

-Rachel F.

I have lost more than 15 pounds since I started Boot Camp.

“I love waking up knowing I’m going to get a full body workout and motivation to keep pushing. I have lost more than 15 pound since I started Boot Camp. I love Bobby’s Boot Camp!!!!!”

-Kim B.

You can boost your energy, relieve stress, and lose inches all at the same time!

“I recommend Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp to everyone! I’ve been working out with Bobby since February of 2011. I had never had a regular workout routine before. Bobby helped me stay motivated and he encouraged me to stick with it. He is a wonderful trainer who truly cares about everyone in his classes. If you have a specific goal you are trying to reach, he will do everything he can to help you reach it.

I am a single mom of two young boys and I work night shifts. It was hard to find the energy to make it through my days. I was always tired. Since I’ve been taking these classes, my energy level has jumped tremendously. I can finally make it through my days without even wanting or needing a nap. If you are looking for a way to relieve the stress of everyday life then Boot Camp is perfect! Even during a long stressful week, I can go to class and feel like that stress just goes away. Everyone in class is warm, inviting and encouraging to each other.

Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp is for everyone. You can boost your energy, relieve stress, and lose inches all at the same time. Trust me, if I can do it, then anyone can do it!”

-Jennifer S.

It’s a fun way to get in shape while making fabulous friends and having a fantastic time!

“It’s been college since I really worked out on a regular basis. I got bored working out by myself. But Bobby makes exercise fun, and I’ve met fabulous new friends while getting a fantastic workout!

It doesn’t matter what your age or your fitness level is, Bobby personalizes each move to your level. Everyone supports each other and it’s great having friends to workout with. It’s like we keep each other on track. It’s a fun way to get in shape while making fabulous friends and having a fantastic time!”

-Cris M.

I feel more confident in my own skin.

“I love watching my body change and my stamina improve week to week, thanks to Bobby’s Xtreme Boot Camp!

I honestly feel more confident in my own skin and have more energy to tackle the other areas of my life thanks to these classes!”

-Andrea P.

The class makes you want to push yourself but it was nice to know I could work at my own level too.

I exercised off and on for the past year but got bored at going to the gym and taking the same classes over and over, and needed a change.  I had lost the motivation/will to workout. Xtreme boot camp was a great change.  Xtreme Boot camp is just that, extreme at times, but it is a great workout.  I never thought I could wake up at 4:45am and do an hour workout that at 5:30am but I did.  Don’t get me wrong, it was hard to get up, and sometimes I wanted to go back to sleep but once you get up you are up. 

I enjoyed every class/workout I attended; I feel good when I leave and throughout the day.  I love the assortment of exercises Bobby outlines in every class.  When I attended the first session, I was little worried that it would be too much for me or that I wouldn’t fit in with the other experienced boot campers but I did.  Bobby as well as the huge group that attends are very supportive and love to motivate each other.  I didn’t see anyone discouraging but always encouraging.  The class makes you want to push yourself but it was nice to know I could work at my own level too.   I was sore a lot but I guess as they say no pain, no gain.  After two sessions, I started to see results.  I look forward to making a long term commitment.

-Tamara R.


Like many people, I played team sports throughout school, which kept me fit and active.  However, as a young professional, it has been difficult to find a program that keeps me feeling engaged and rewarded the way high school  sports once did.  Simply Lindsey Picput, this boot camp is exactly what I’ve needed.  I just wish I had found it sooner!  I feel challenged and motivated by the instructor and my peers every time I come.  I look forward to the class all day and leave with a sense of accomplishment.  We are always doing something different, pushing our bodies and minds to the absolute limit. I am becoming stronger and more fit after just a few weeks with Bobby at Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp, and I can’t wait to continue!!!

- Lindsay C.


I have always wanted to get back in shape but never had the motivation or was just to lazy to stick with it. There was always an excuse as to why I could not continue or why waiting would be better but with Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp it’s different. This was the first and only time I had stuck to a program the whole way through and showed up every time I was supposed to.

 There is always a different workout regimen and it pushes you to try harder and not get complacent. Everyone is at a different fitness level and there are always modifications or ways to adjust it to match what you can do to push you the hardest. Overall the experience was one that improved my fitness levels and made me want to be better.

 I would definitely recommend this boot camp to anyone and look forward to continuing my positive experience. 

- Megan D.